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Spotify will reportedly let you block artists soon
Users Of Music Streaming App Grow

Spotify apparently knows there are some musicians you just don’t want to hear from, as it’s reportedly testing a block feature on iOS.

The music streaming service is letting a select group of users stop an artist from playing, Thurrott reported Monday. The feature will ensure a blocked artist won’t appear in your personal library, playlists, curated playlists, charts, radios or any other feature.

You can’t even manually play tracks from the blocked artist, the site noted, so people can’t troll you by turning on that song you hate on your account. The block apparently doesn’t impact songs the artist is featured on, however, so their collaborations may still haunt you.

The ‘Don’t play this artist’ feature can be found in the ‘…’ menu on artists’ pages, according to Thurrott.

So if you hated the Spotify’s aggressive Drake promotion last summer, you may soon be able to avoid him altogether. The rapper was its most streamed artist of 2018.

Spotify didn’t immediately respond to a request for further details or comment.

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